11 December 2014

ICANN Seeking Panel Members for New gTLD Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution

Resources - ICANNPublic Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Process (PICDRP):
The PICDRP addresses complaints that a Registry may not be complying with the Public Interest Commitment(s) in Specification 11 of their Registry Agreement

[expvc.com Contributing Editor's Note: Specification 11 is "buried" at the end of the Registry Agreement (pp. 90-91 of a 92 page pdf--note that pagination is absent from pages 90-91--just go to the end of the document)--which you may be able to locate and download from the ICANN website here. From how ICANN has obfuscated all of this as much as possible from "public view," it appears ICANN really doesn't care about the "public interest"  and when you actually find and read Specification 11 it looks like it was written by the DNA* -- actually in a sense it may have been since the current Executive Director of the DNA was "architect" of the new gTLDs program when he was Chief Strategy Officer of ICANN before his resignation due to a conflict of interest--the particulars of which ICANN has never disclosed to its multi-stakeholders. So much for transparency and accountability and the public interest!]

*UPDATE: a registry’s ability to amend or revoke its PICs and the lengthy, expensive, and adversarial process required to enforce PICs by the limited class of parties able to bring enforcement actions, does not protect the public interest! [See ICANN Business Constituency letter (pdf)].

Also Review the PICDRP [PDF, 208 KB]

Seeking Panel Members for New gTLD Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution - ICANN:
"ICANN plans to expand the Standing Panel responsible for administering the Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Procedure (PICDRP), which supports the New gTLD Program. Parties with relevant experience and the desire to serve the Internet community are invited to submit expressions of interest.

"PICDRP Standing Panel members play an important role in upholding the integrity of the Domain Name industry and protecting the public interest," said Akram Atallah, president of ICANN's Global Domains Division.

"The PICDRP is designed to serve the interests of the Internet community. When a report arises alleging that a registry has violated its public interest commitment(s) as outlined in its contract with ICANN, members of the PICDRP Standing Panel can be called upon to review the report, and if necessary, recommend remedies to ICANN. Therefore, all Standing Panel members must be impartial and independent.

"Download the official Call for Expressions of Interest [PDF, 110 KB] to serve on the PICDRP Standing Panel.

"ICANN welcomes applicants with international dispute resolution experience and a sound technical understanding of the Internet and the Domain Name System. Expertise in any of the following areas is also highly desired:
Contract interpretation
Cross-cultural issues
Cyber security
Judicial and/or legal work
Online content
Public policy
Regulatory environments
Social research
Trademark protection"

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