01 December 2014

Google and Project Loon, Internet Service via Balloons (video)

Project Loon: The Technology -

Google believes it's possible to create a ring of balloons that fly around the globe on the stratospheric winds and provide Internet access to the earth below. Balloons present some really hard science problems, but Google is excited about the progress so far.

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Google's Project Loon can now launch up to 20 balloons per day, and they fly 10 times longer than in 2013 | VentureBeat | Business | by Emil Protalinski: "In terms of quality improvements, the balloons now last 10 times longer in the stratosphere than they did in 2013. Some fly for over 100 days (Google says the current record is 130 days)."

3 million kilometers is a long journey. That distance would take you around the…: "..."It’s one thing for our balloons to last longer, but to build a ring of connectivity around the world we’ll also need to get more in the air. Imagine how long it would take you and your friends to inflate 7,000 party balloons. That’s what it takes to fill just one of our Loon balloons for flight, so we’ve developed autofill equipment that will be capable of doing it in under 5 minutes. We now have the ability to launch up to 20 balloons per day as we continue to improve our ability to launch consistently at scale."..."--Google Project Loon


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