01 May 2014

ICANN, IANA function, NTIA Says Congressional Approval Not Needed (video)

ICANN, IANA function, Future of Internet Governance - Scenarios for the Future of Internet Governance video above, April 30, 2014,  Internet Society, Washington DC Chapter. Panelists: Fiona Alexander - Office of International Affairs, NTIA, US Department of Commerce; Pat Kane - Senior Vice President, Naming and Directory Services, Verisign; Richard Jimmerson - Chief Information Officer, ARIN; Steve DelBianco - Executive Director, NetChoice; Milton Mueller - Professor at Syracuse University School of Information Studies; Moderator: Tim Lordan - Executive Director at Internet Education Foundation

Highlights: Milton Mueller @30:00; Structural Separation of IANA from ICANN @56:45; BUT the real action starts @01:17:00 when Attorney Philip Sbarbaro asks NTIA if Congressional approval is needed and how Verisign can avoid antitrust liability once the US Department of Commerce walks away from its oversight role.
Entire program available here: http://new.livestream.com/internetsociety/internetscenarios

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