06 May 2014

Top-Down Internet Governance, Secret ICANN Board Resolutions

Philip Corwin (beginning @56:25 in the video here), of Virtualaw LLC, and ICANN watchdog for the Internet Commerce Association, spoke at the 49th ICANN meeting. Corwin revealed that ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade passed secret resolutions to further the goal of “an internet cooperation agenda.” Corwin stated: “In the last period, particularly in the question which was out there since last summer of whether the NSA revelations undermined trust in ICANN and the Internet and required the type of response we’re seeing. Instead, we saw the establishment of top‐down presidential strategy panels. We saw ‐‐ and I hate to say this ‐‐ a new low point in ICANN with the secret Board resolution last September that authorized the CEO to take many of the actions that have been taken…”

The secret ICANN resolution, issued in September 2013, was published a month after the October 2013 ICANN meeting that pushed for the globalization of ICANN. The October meeting called on members to sign the “Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation”. Corwin notes that “While the Montevideo Statement was signed by ten entities, the actual work of coordinating its issuance was performed by CEO Chehade pursuant to a secret resolution passed by the ICANN Board on September 28th.”Corwin has noted that No consultation effort was engaged in with ICANN’s stakeholders and constituencies before these decisions were made.”

Note the complete absence of a Bottom-Up Multistakeholder Process in how ICANN actually functions.


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