09 August 2013

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WorkersCompensation.com CompNewsNetwork - @GoDaddy or No Daddy? (Or, Why Our Domain is Not for Sale): " . . . We specifically inquired if they still held the custom direction data we had programmed in the system. He assured us it would. It didn't. It contained default IP info resulting in the "parked free" page some of you saw. We realized this and remedied it as quickly as possible, but the damage was done. So that is how we came to be parked free with offered assistance to sell our domain name. GoDaddy over the years has brought innovative services to the industry and has been a key in lowering costs for the industry. I like innovators. I like disruptive forces within the economy. However, low cost does not always equate to value, particularly if that service does not work as designed. As pleasant as it may be for us to be greeted by Danica Patrick every time we visit their site, I would much prefer our sites work as intended. That can only happen when our registrar performs their role as required. This week we will start testing domains with a different registrar, and hope to resolve the overall name server issue. . . ."

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