26 August 2013


ICANNLabs: "ICANN has unveiled a new digital platform intended to foster collective experimentation and innovation in the hopes of increasing community-wide engagement.  The platform, called ICANNLabs can be accessed at http://labs.icann.org . . . Anyone can sign up to receive updates and provide feedback. The platform will create a truly transparent process, essential to ICANN and consistent with the organization’s multi-stakeholder model. “It’s all about increasing our reach and relevance to new digital audiences which are engaging us through the web,” said Fadi ChehadĂ©, ICANN President and CEO. “We are searching for new ways to innovate and stay true to our principles of bottom-up, community driven policy formation. ICANNLabs is quite simply an open experiment aimed at creating new digital forms of communication."

To read and comment on the ICANNLabs blog, visit: http://www.icannlabs.tumblr.com
To follow ICANN labs on Twitter, please visit: https://twitter.com/ICANNLabs

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