11 February 2013

Where To Sell Your Domain Names

2 good articles (excerpts below) for where to sell your domain names--

The Complete Guide To Where You Can Sell Your Domain Names - Hybrid Domainer: "There are a lot of places to sell your domain name, in this guide we will try to give you all the info you need to start listing your domains and giving them maximum exposure. We will also look at the pro's and con's of listing everywhere and what you need to keep in mind. First on the list is Sedo. Sedo according to their website has more than 1 million member accounts . . . ."

Domain Name Marketplaces - Elliot's Blog

" . . . Some of these websites sell privately-owned domain names and others sell company-owned domain names. I did not include auction sites such as NameJet or Snapnames or forums like DNForum. I also didn’t include eBay since it’s fairly challenging to search for specific types of domain names. . . ."

Exclusive: HTC says "keep the RUUs, just give us the domain name" - ROMs - RootzWiki - RootzNews - RootzWiki: " . . . The conversation started with clearing up some misconceptions about my old site (htcruu.com). . . . from this moment out, the site will only contain release RUUs. They also said they are looking into hosting the RUUs themselves negating the purpose of my site and I hope they do. There is no timeframe for it but it is something they are looking into. As for my personal opinion of this whole situation. The domain name htcruu.com was obviously a bad choice and I was wrong. I never denied that fact. As for the rest of the issues, they have been resolved. . . . "

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