18 February 2013

Appraising A Brandable Domain Name

Domaining MBA Monday: How Do You Appraise A Brandable Domain Name? | Morgan Linton: "You might not be happy with the answer but like I said above, there is no magic formula for appraising brandable domains, instead it all comes down to the buyer and the seller. If you are selling a domain, do your homework and really understand who the buyer is. If you are the buyer, get to know the seller, see if you can find what range they typically sell in and make a deal that is meaningful to them. Last but certainly not least, remember, every deal is different just like every domain is different. You aren’t selling houses. You can’t look at what the median price in a particular neighborhood is because every domain is different. The most valuable thing you can do is really take a deep dive and get to know who you are doing a deal with because at the end of the day it’s all about the people, not the domains."

Cincinnati Zoo gets CincinnatiZoo.com eleven years later
Domain Name Wire
It seems inconceivable to the Panel that the Complainant cannot have been aware of the DomainName since at least September 8, 2001 when it registered its domain name, . Checking the status of the “.com” equivalent of the Domain Name would have been ...

University Of Oklahoma Files Federal Lawsuit Over SoonerNetwork.com
However since the domain name was registered by Mr. Glenn in 2010, Screenshots.com it has had a few different looks including this one from August 2012 which says Go Longhorns”"” (One of Oklahoma traditional rivals has been the University of Texas who ...


University of Oklahoma sues Dallas man over cybersquatting claim
Tulsa World
The University of Oklahoma is suing a Dallas man who officials say violated the university's intellectual property rights by registering an Internet domain name to sell it for a profit later. Hugh Michael Glenn, 43, said he was using the domain name ...

Your Top 5 Questions About The New gTLD Domain Extensions, Answered
Search Engine Land
Whether it is the business' main site, a targeted microsite, or a “category killer” premium domainname, pithy, descriptive names have the power to make a company stand out in searches, boost its position in organic search results, and establish a ...

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