13 February 2013

How To Choose Best Domain Name

2 good articles (excerpts below) on choosing a domain name--

How To Choose A Best Domain Name Smartly: " . . . When choosing the domain name, remember the acronym RAIL:
1. R- recall. How easy is to recall the name?
2. A-aesthetics. How does the name look? Does it look good on business cards and company literature?
3. I-impressions. First impressions are crucial. Does the name sound good?
4. L-length. Domain names are limited to the 26 letters of the English alphabet, ten numerals and hyphen – 37 characters in all. When picking a name, less is more. A short name is preferable to a long one. . . ."

3 Common Mistakes Startups Make When Picking A Domain Name | Morgan Linton: " . . . three common mistakes I’ve seen startups make when picking a domain name: Picking a brandable that nobody can spell – brandables can be great if everyone can hear the word and instantly know how to spell it correctly. You should be able to tell someone your brand name over dinner or drinks and they should be able to get home, go to their computer, and easily access your site. Sun.com is an awesome domain for a lighting company, Suunn.com is a confusing one leading many customers to email you at Sun.com and try to find your site on Sun.com. Using an extension nobody has heard of – the world has become comfortable with extensions like .CO, .ME, .TV, .IO, .LY, etc. However almost nobody in the world knows .AM, .MD, and many other obscure ccTLDs . . . Assuming that one day you will get the .COM . . . "

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