29 November 2012

Intellectual Property Domain Name Scam Changes

Intellectual Property Domain Name Scam Changes to Brand ...
A well-known intellectual property protection domain name scam that has been going on for at least 10 years has taken a new twist--the scammers are now ...

Go Daddy Blames Phishing for Sites Pushing Malware, Resets Passwords: "Here’s the full statement, courtesy of Scott Gerlach, Go Daddy’s Director of Information Security Operations: Go Daddy has detected a very small number of accounts have malicious DNS entries placed on their domain names. We have been identifying affected customers and reversing the malicious entries as we find them. Also, we’re expiring the passwords of affected customers so the threat actors cannot continue to use the accounts to spread malware. . . "

Go Daddy Websites Targeted In Ransomware Attack - Technology News - redOrbit: "According to Fraser Howard, a Principal Virus Researcher with SophosLabs, the hackers behind these attacks are “exploiting DNS by hacking the DNS records of sites, adding one or more additional subdomains with corresponding DNS entries (A records) referencing malicious IP addresses. The legitimate hostname resolves to the legitimate IP address, but the added sub-domains resolve to rogue servers.” By doing so, the criminals are able to set-up URLs that seem legitimate, potentially sneaking through security filtering systems and duping Internet surfers into believing they are harmless, he explained in a Friday blog entry. In some instances, multiple subdomains were added to each user’s account, with each of them redirecting viewers to at least one malicious IP address."

Attackers hijack the .ro domains of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, others
PCWorld (blog)
The hijacking occurred at the DNS (Domain Name System) level, with attackers modifying the DNS records for google.ro, yahoo.ro, microsoft.ro, hotmail.ro, windows.ro, kaspersky.ro and paypal.ro, according to Costin Raiu, director of the global research ...

Nominet's .uk domain proposals criticised
Internet Marketing News
Proposals for a .uk domain extension have been greeted with mixed responses from the Internet community. The UK's non-profit domain-name governing body Nominet, claim the changes are designed to help boost the economic growth of the Internet within ...

27 end user domain sales, including a buy from the Data.com seller
Domain Name Wire
The restaurant includes a section called the Chicago Sports Museum. The Best Battery Co., Inc. in Baltimore dropped the “the” from its domain name, picking up BestBattery.com for $5,500. Premium Sales Network, which owns the matching .com domain, ...

Google search outside the US - Google Groups: "If you search from google.co.uk, the initial results pages will default to global. There might appear to be a preponderance of US content, but this probably reflects the volume of US content on the global web, rather than any bias on Google's part.. . . don't forget that ".com" domain names can be registered in any country, so the presence of .com results doesn't necessarily indicate US content. In fact, any bias in the search algorithm would take into account your location, either as detected by Google from your IP address, or as recorded by you in Search Settings. If you want to exclude global content, you have the option to filter only "Pages from the UK". . . . it would be nice to set local results as default from the search home page. However, there are a couple of workarounds which might help. Once you have performed a search from google.co.uk and selected "Pages from the UK", bookmark the results page and then always search from there rather than from the search home page. Alternatively, bookmark https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?hl=en&cr=countryUK|countryGB for your searching. . . ."

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