06 March 2015

A Need for Speed: Online shoppers Will Wait Just Five Seconds

Online shoppers will wait just five seconds before switching brand | Media Network | The Guardian: "Customer attitudes are changing fast. We at F5 Networks recently surveyed 2,000 UK consumers. More than one-fifth of respondents (22%) claimed they would switch to an alternative brand if a website or service doesn’t work within five seconds. In line with this, 82% said that a fast website or mobile app is important to them when they engage with brands – so much so that 31% of shoppers said they wouldn’t complete a purchase if the online experience was poor. One-third of consumers (32%) reported that slow website speeds, irrelevant online content and security concerns negatively affect their perception of a brand. Close to one-quarter (24%) said they would go on to tell others about a negative experience should they have one, further impacting on loyalty and future custom. With social media use on the rise, the ripple effects of negative experiences are hard to measure, but certainly damaging and hard to reverse." (read more at the link above)

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