21 January 2015

For The Next 3 Billion Consumers, Twitter Buys Zipdial (videos)

Twitter: We’re very pleased to announce we’ve reached an agreement to acquire ZipDial (@zipdial), a product partner based in Bangalore, India, to make Twitter even more accessible to people around the world...
Reach The Next 3 Billion With ZipDial
The next 3 Billion Consumers live in emerging markets. The challenge is reaching them as they are "largely invisible" and data about them is scarce. 100% of these users have a mobile, but are first generation users. Discover how you can connect with them through ZipDial's unique mobile and analytics platform that guarantees 100% consumer gratification. (First published on Apr 30, 2014)

domain name: zipdial.com

"World’s most effective marketing platform for Emerging Markets - ZipDial enables global brands to engage with 100% of their consumers. Our patent-pending consumer intelligence platform drives solutions such as couponing, friend referrals, on-pack activations and more. Every one of our clients including P&G, Disney and Colgate have 2 to 5 times more unique users engaging on ZipDial than on any social network." source: About | ZipDial

ZipDial Reaches The Unreachable Consumers In Emerging Markets
The origins of ZipDial, the only mobile marketing & analytics platform to engage 100% of brands' TG. The platform allows brands to connect with users offering a range of services from mobile number verification for e-commerce ventures, mobile banking polls to customer feedback surveys. (Video published on Feb 3, 2014)

Bringing Twitter to more people around the world | Twitter Blogs: "... Over the next several years, billions of people will come online for the first time in countries like Brazil, India and Indonesia. For many, their first online experience will be on a mobile device – but the cost of data may prevent them from experiencing the true power of the Internet. Twitter, in partnership with ZipDial, can make great content more accessible to everyone. ZipDial has built a mobile platform that lets people follow and engage with content across all interfaces. The user experience combines SMS, voice, mobile web, and access to mobile apps to bridge users from offline to online. For example, through ZipDial, it’s easy to engage with a publisher or brand by making a toll-free “missed call” to a designated phone number. The caller will then begin receiving inbound content and further engagement on their phone in real time through voice, SMS or an app notification. These interactions are especially appealing in areas where people aren’t always connected to data or only access data through intermittent wifi networks..."
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