28 November 2014

China Web Conference, Internet Freedom

China hosts web conference, calls for more internet controls"... Facebook, Google and Twitter, which have been banned in the country, can be accessed in Wuzhen during the conference. China has been assailed over its tight control of the internet, including its censorship of online content. Amnesty International earlier described the gathering as a chilling attempt by Beijing to promote internet regulation. “China appears eager to promote its own domestic internet rules as a model for global regulation,” William Nee, China researcher at the London-based human rights group, said in a statement. “This should send a chill down the spine of anyone that values online freedom.” Meanwhile, seven activists were arrested on Wednesday for protesting outside the conference hall, the report said. They were calling on Chinese authorities to lift the ban on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 64tianwang and other blacklisted websites..."

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expVC: World Internet Conference, Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China


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