11 August 2014

The ICANN Accountability Enhancement Process Mess

draft of ICANN Community Assembly on Accountability & Governance
draft of ICANN Accountability Enhancement Process
A tale of two processes | IGP Blog: "....For the accountability process, it’s too early to pass judgement, but the signs are not good. In Singapore and London face to face meetings were held to discuss how to advance the situation.  In May, ICANN solicited comments from stakeholders which did not ask any questions related to actual process. Nonetheless, earlier this week [week of August 8], the ICANN staff and CEO Fadi Chehadé met with ICANN’s SO/AC leaders, and proposed an organizational structure [see graphic] for determining ICANN accountability enhancements... Chehadé urged all the SOs and AC chairs to move into alignment and support the proposal. However, several questions were raised and flaws noted by SO/AC leaders on the call and afterward. The registries were immediately accused by Chehadé of creating an environment of “mistrust” for simply expressing their viewpoint...." (read more at link above, emphasis added)

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