12 August 2014

Silicon Valley Dot COM Boom 2.0


VC funding in the second quarter included dropbox.com, uber.com, lyft.com, pinterest.com, postmates.com, instacart.com, and many other dot COMs you have not heard of--yet.

"... the second quarter this year has been bigger and better for VCs and startups than any other quarter in about a decade...  entrepreneurs have dusted off business models for delivery service, social media and e-commerce companies, and venture capitalists have poured money into startups extrapolated from some of the most famous dot-com busts. But now, say analysts, the time is right -- mobile technology has advanced, consumers are more tech-savvy than they were in the '90s, money is abundant and the bull market just won't seem to quit..."Back then, the idea was right, the vision of the future was right," said Robert Ackerman, managing director and founder of Allegis Capital. "Now the environment is right. We've seen these good ideas that just won't die; they were just waiting for the right time...." read more: Silicon Valley VC investments, startups resemble dot-com boom - San Jose Mercury News

Game on--so get your dot COM domain name, get your VC funding--you're on your way!

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