27 August 2014

After 3 year legal batte, Connectify.me gets Connectify.com for free

Interesting article at the link below (excerpt follows) that details a 3 year legal battle for connectify.me to acquire the domain name connectify.com after the seller defaulted on the sales agreement--

After years-long URL fight, Connectify just got Connectify.com — for free - Technical.ly Philly: ".... the company, which sells software that can turn any Windows computer into a WiFi hotspot, had been using Connectify.me as its main website. It had tried to acquire Connectify.com, but once Connectify put the money into escrow, Connectify.com’s owners backed out ... Then [after 3 year legal battle] ... Cisco’s lawyers sent Connectify’s lawyers a letter saying they would transfer the domain to them — for free. Turns out that the owners of Connectify.com — a Seattle-based company called Pure Networks, according to Cisco spokeswoman Robyn Blum — sold their company to Cisco in 2008, making Cisco the legal owners of the site...." (read more at link above)

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