09 July 2014

IANA Transition Coordination Group Meeting July 17-18 Streamed Live

IANA transition update -- ICANN: The Coordination Group is comprised of 27 individuals representing 13 communities, and includes direct and indirect stakeholders. The first face-to-face meeting of the Coordination Group will take place in London from 17-18 July at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel and will be streamed LIVE.

COMMUNITY and NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE (nominated by their respective communities as of 2 July 2014 at 23:59 UTC):

ALAC _____; ALAC _____; ASO Hartmut Glaser; ccNSO_____; ccNSO _____; ccNSO _____; ccNSO _____; GAC _____; GAC _____; GNSO Wolf-Ulrich Knoben; GNSO Milton Mueller; GNSO _____; gTLD Registries Keith Drazek; gTLD Registries Jon Nevett; ICC/BASIS Joseph Alhadeff; IAB Russ Housley; IAB Lynn St Amour; IETF Jari Arkko; IETF Alissa Cooper; ISOC Narelle Clark; ISOC Demi Getschko; NRO Adiel Akplogan; NRO Paul Wilson; RSSAC Daniel Karrenberg; RSSAC Lars-Johan Liman; SSAC Patrik Fälström; SSAC Russ Mundy.

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