09 February 2014

ICANN Warning Brands About Domain Abuse With New gTLDs

ICANN: "Brands Are At Risk of Domain Abuse With New Top Level Domains."

ADVERTISERS: "That's exactly what we said when you, ICANN, started this!"

The slow moving train wreck known as ICANN, and its flooding the domain ecosystem with over 1000 new gTLDs (as compared to just 22 gTLDs working fine before ICANN decided to fatten its bank account, the public interest and internet fidelity be damned), has now gained speed since the actual rollout began -- read the following article (excerpt below):

Icann Warns Brands About Domain Abuse With Roll Out of Top Level Domains | Adweek: "Try to follow this. ICANN, the international organization that has begun to roll out hundreds of new generic top level domains over the objections of brands worried about domain abuse, is now warning brands that they are at risk of domain abuse. At the end of last month, the first of what will be hundreds of new domains (suffixes to the right of the dot in a url, like .guru, .photography) went live, adding to the more commonly-known domains like .com and .net. ICANN's solution to protecting trademarks in the new Internet domain universe is its Trademark Clearinghouse, a place where brands can register their exact names, but only their exact names, to prevent squatters and fraudsters from expropriating their brand identity on the Internet. The Trademark Clearinghouse is run by Deloitte and IBM, which get get paid if trademark and brand owners sign up. But companies apparently aren't rushing to pay the $150/year per domain fee to register each brand. . . ." (full article at link above)

It seems even "protection rackets" have their limits.

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