14 February 2014

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Domain Names

Here's a short read for entrepreneurs/startups looking to buy a domain name (excerpt below, go to link to read full article):

A Few Data Points on Domain Name Prices | David Cummings on Startups: "Entrepreneurs that have been in the software world since the dot com days love a good domain. Now, we’re seeing more .co and .io domains but .com domains are still the the most sought-after and most expensive. Over the years, I’ve purchased several domains at auction and helped other entrepreneurs acquire domains. Here are domains I’ve purchased or been an angel investor in the startup at time of domain purchase along with their price . . ."

Bottom line: if your optimal NameDotCom (or preferred domain name alternatives) is "not available" for registrartion at a registrar -- No Problem -- your domain name of choice may still be available! Go to the whois to find owner and make offer, or find a domain broker or domain name consultant to help you, or look at NameJet, Sedo, Afternic, Domain Name Sales and other sources to find and buy your domain name. And don't listen to the noise and misinformation--there are still plenty of good dot com names available, many at very reasonable prices!

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