25 February 2014

ICANN warned by the European Commission

The European Commission sees how far ICANN has strayed from serving in the public interest -- excerpt below of the European Commission comment (go to link below to read full comment) --

ICANN Email Archives: [comments-new-gtld-auction-rules-16dec13]: "We are deeply concerned about the implications that the Auction Rules in the gTLD program may have for the protection of public policy interests, competition, openness and innovation. As a general principle, ICANN should implement Auction Rules that are consistent with its Bylaws, its non-for profit status, the objectives of the new gTLD Program and the Applicant Guidebook to promote competition, diversity, innovation and consumer choice. As expressed in several comments already submitted during the comment period, the current Auction Rules are advantageous for portfolio applicants rather than for small, innovative and community applicants, which is at odds with the “diversity and innovation” policy that ICANN seeks to promote. It would be desirable to give these applicants a more even playing field when they come up against larger portfolio holders in the contention process. Also, ICANN's auction rules has not yet proven convincing to the community and deserves being revisited in light of the input received."

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