17 September 2013

RDNH, HallofShame.com, Rick Schwartz

The HallofShame.com Press Release | The Rick Schwartz Domain Name and Traffic Blog RicksBlog.com | Home of the "Domain King": "The website www.hallofshame.com will shine a bright light on those companies found guilty of trying to hijack more than a domain name, but somebody’s business or dream. “Today is the day we begin the end of this disgusting practice. Since there is no legal or criminal penalty, these companies now put at risk their brands and entire online/offline reputations,” said Rick Schwartz owner of the website and leading the charge against those trying to steal domains and the lawyers that represent them. Until now Rick had been skewering these folks at Ricksblog.com after a Brazilian company was found guilty of trying to Reverse Hijack one of his domains, SaveMe.com, in March of 2012." (read more at link above)

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