05 September 2013

Companies lock Web domains after New York Times hack

Locking it down makes sense for some --

Companies rush to lock Web domains after 'NYT' hack: "The list of companies scrambling to lock down their domains includes Adobe Systems, Barnes & Noble, Cosmopolitan, Cisco Systems, Engadget, Hyatt, IBM, Ikea, Lufthansa, McAfee, Neiman Marcus, Starbucks, Toshiba, TechCrunch, Victoria's Secret and VMware. The SEA used simple e-mail phishing trickery to steal the user name and password to an account used by one of Melbourne IT's distributors, says Bruce Tonkin, chief technology officer of Melbourne IT. Using that distributor's account, the hackers were able to access and alter the Domain Name System records for The New York Times, Huffington Post and Twitter, disrupting the website of the daily newspaper off line for about 20 hours."

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