18 February 2015

The Internet of Things, What’s Next?

Telephone Number and Address Management - After conducting research with stakeholders, Ofcom have concluded that this will not be a barrier to the development of the IoT. IoT services are most likely to use bespoke addressing systems that are able to generate billions of addresses. The much more scalable version of Internet Protocol, known as IPv6 is currently in the process of being adopted this will offer a massively increased range of addresses. Developments are occurring on a daily basis and it is an exciting time to be part of this industry. In order to ensure that this decade sees the growth that has been predicted, Ofcom must concentrate on developing data privacy regulation and controlling network security. A failure to find solutions  could result in detrimental consequences for both consumers and retailers and will not allow the IoT to fulfil its anticipated potential.

The Internet of Things – What’s next? | DLA Piper - JDSupra:

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