15 April 2013

Why Support the ICA

About Us | Internet Commerce Association - ICA: "Founded in 2006, the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) is a non-profit trade organization representing domain name investors, website developers and related companies. The ICA is made up of responsible businesses and individuals who have joined together to improve public confidence in Internet commerce. Based in Washington D.C., our mission is to promote and share best practices among participants in the domain name industry and to educate consumers, policy makers, law makers and the media about the value and benefits of direct navigation traffic and the domain name industry."

Nat Cohen: Why I Support the ICA: "Attempts to steal your domain through abuse of the UDRP, called Reverse Domain Name Hijacking, are on the rise (see RDNH.com). Why shouldn’t RDNH cases be on the rise? While an auto-generated ad on a parked page can result in the loss of a valuable domain, the penalty for intentional abuse of the UDRP through an attempt at Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is — nothing.
Now ICANN is finalizing details for the URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension) system. This offers a cheaper, faster way to take down your domains. It is being rolled out on new gTLDs first with the expectation that it will soon be required for dot-com and all other gTLDs. The URS is being sole sourced to the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), the same group that was found to be not trustworthy enough to handle credit card arbitrations"

WIPO Offers Insights on Domain Name Trends: "“Applying UDRP jurisprudence, WIPO panels in 2012 found evidence of cybersquatting in 91% of all decided cases.” This is also an enlightening number, as it seems to indicate that more disputes are ending in favor of trademark owners, which historically have obtained transfers in just over 85% of all domain name disputes at WIPO"

CitizenHawk sued after sending two cease & desist letters - Domain Name Wire: A San Diego man has sued typosquatting recovery firm CitizenHawk after receiving two cease & desist letters. Michael Eddy says he received letters regarding USSearchReports.com and Naturalizes.com. The first letter said USSearchReports.com infringes the rights of Intelius’ mark for “US Search.com”. The second said that Naturalizes.com infringes the rights of Brown Shoe Company’s mark for “Naturalizer”. The suit (pdf) says that the letters threatened a UDRP if the domains weren’t handed over. . . .

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