17 April 2013

What is your domain name strategy?

Beware of false prophets | NetNames Blog: "the purpose is to get the email recipient to register more domain names with the pretense to ‘protect their good name’.  Of course someone may well have registered such domain names or even the trademark, but these emails never actually tell you what they have attempted to register.  The call to action is to contact the company who will for a fee, register the names on their behalf in order to ‘save the day’. The reason why companies still fall for this scam is that they do not have a proper domain name strategy.  If a brand owner has a clear idea of what domain registrations it has and  in which countries,   these emails can easily  be identified  as spam, and will never darken your inbox again. With the domain name world about to explode with new gTLDs, it is vital that brand owner has a clear strategy to avoid over registration . . ."

Every character counts: Google secures new URL shortener domain, YT.be - The Next Web: "If Google switches from youtu.be to yt.be, it would theoretically be cutting the number of characters needed per day to tweet links to YouTube videos down by about 3 million daily, if Twitter weren’t using a t.co wrapper to shorten all Web addresses (using 22 reserved characters). Of course, Twitter’s not the only player on the field, so it might still make sense for Google to use the shortest brandable domain name available."

Domain Name Industry Data from VRSN - Zacks.com: "We believe that increasing domain name registration, the renewal of the .com contract and the price hike in .net domain name will boost VeriSign’s top-line growth in the near term. Additionally, VeriSign has significant growth opportunities from its network security products as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks continue to grow. However, the negative impact of search engine adjustments on domain monetization and increasing operating expenses related to the .com contract renewal remain the primary headwinds in the near term."

Worldwide Domain Names Top 252 Million
PC Magazine
More than six million names were added to the Internet in the fourth quarter of 2012, bringing the total number worldwide to a whopping 252 million-plus top-level domains (TLDs), according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief from Verisign. The .coms ...(read more at link above)

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